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Foreclosure Information in Northern Virginia

Here are some websites to find upcoming foreclosures if you want to search on your own.   If you call or email me I can search for bank owned properties.  A bank owns the property if they buy it back at the foreclosure auction.  It is then listed with a local real estate agent and this is a great time to buy it because you can see it before you buy it. 

Foreclosure Advertisements

Washington Post Legal Notices Section    
If this link does not work, go to , on the right side of the page hover over Classifieds, then click on Legal Notices in the drop down list. 
Search Tips - use part of a street name, or part of a subdivision name, or a zip code of the house or area you are looking in, or postal address like Fairfax.

Washington Times - 

Google or Bing - Search by the property address or the owner's name on Google or Bing to find ads 

Some websites of the popular Attorneys that conduct the auctions on the courthouse steps are:

Bierman, Geesing, Ward & Wood, LLC  

Rosenberg & Associates, LLC

Samuel I. White, P.C.  and click on Upcoming Sales    

Shapiro & Brown, LLP, attorneys for Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia    

Glasser and Glasser, P.L.C., 

Each attorney maintains a list of upcoming sales.

All the links above this point represent homes going toward a Foreclosure Auction.

Below this point are some sites of homes that have already been foreclosed on and are now owned by the Bank or Government agency.  These types of homes are called Real Estate Owned homes or REO.  Almost 99% of the REO homes are listed by Real Estate agents and are in the local MLS for your area.  So your best bet is to contact me or your local agent to see an REO home that is for sale.  It can take months from the actual Foreclosure until the home is put up for sale.  Here are a few REO sites.   Contact me or your agent to see a home.  And remember - you or your agent can find homes much faster than using these websites.  They are fairly basic and do not have as many pictures as the MLS website.  If you want to search a local MLS in your area instead of these REO sites you can find the site here - .  In Northern Virginia it is   

HUD/VA/Fannie/Freddie websites of Foreclosed homes

Fairfax County First time homebuyers website - 

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